College Grads

Graduates who have at least 1 year's full time experience in their field of study since graduation, or those with no degree must have 5 years' professional experience

Over 20

Be at least 20 years old to be a part of this programme

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You must have a trainee position secure before travelling on this programme.



Academic courses in a recognised Irish University or College including Northern Ireland (running at least 2 years) that will ultimately lead to a degree or higher qualification (level 6 major award on Qualifax). If completed a level 6 Major award, then at least 50% of the coursework must be academic. No online, lifelong, Special Purpose or distance learning courses are accepted. No professional qualifications are accepted - must be an academic award. Courses must have been attended full time or part time in the college classroom - part time online degrees are not eligible.

Application deadlines

You can apply any time of the year. However, it takes 7 - 8 weeks to process your application, so plan this time in when you apply.

Work Experience

If you are applying based on your degree and one year's full time work experience there must be a clear link between your degree, work experience and your Training position. For example: graduated with an Engineering degree, applicants must have 12+ months work experience in the Engineering field and be able to show a clear career progression in their Training position, eg Trainee Project Manager.

If you are applying based off your 5 years' full time work experience, your experience must have taken place within the previous 7 years.

Your 12 months or five years full time work experience does not have to be with the same company or be the same position but must be relevant to your Training Position.

If you have 2 years part time work experience this would be considered one year full time work experience.

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