Secure your Internship Position

Before applying for the Internship USA program, applicants must first secure their own internship position. USIT does not source internship positions; however, we are here to offer our professional advice along the way.

  • Book your place

    Start your application now on Internship USA portal This is your online portal which you will use for your application

  • Interview & Training Plan

    USIT will conduct an over the phone interview. You must also have your employer fill out your DS7002 Training Plan. Your agent will give you access to this once we receive your forms.

  • Assessment by CIEE

    CIEE, your US Sponsor, will process your application and confirm your suitability for the program. If your application is approved, your work papers will be issued within 15 business days.

  • Paperwork

    Sit back and relax as USIT takes care of your pre-departure paperwork!

  • Pre-departure pack

    Once CIEE approves of your application, USIT will mail your DS2019 work papers, SEVIS receipt and DS7002 Training Plan to your home address. You will then receive your Electronic Pre-Departure pack by email with all the information you need to schedule you US Embassy appointment.

  • When you get to the US

    Upon landing in the US, you will be passed from the care of USIT to your sponsor CIEE. However, in additional to the support you receive from CIEE, USIT will continue to offer information and advice to ensure you are well prepared for your big adventure from the start.

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Document List

  • Before you go

    • DS-2019 & DS7002 Forms

      These documents shows that you are authorised to work and train in the US. They indicates that you have the sponsorship and support of CIEE, and USIT will supply you with it so you can take it to the U.S. Embassy when you apply for your J-1 Visa. The document contains the dates of your programme, as well as your sponsorship identification number (DS-2019 number). If you intend to travel outside the U.S. during your programme, CIEE will need to fill out the travel validation box on your DS-2019 form and issue you a Letter of Good Standing. Please make sure that you have signed and dated the bottom of your DS-2019 form.

    • SEVIS receipt

      The U.S. Department of Homeland Security keeps track of visitors with a system called SEVIS – the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. Once you’ve paid your SEVIS fee to USIT, you’ll receive a SEVIS receipt that you must take with you when you go to the U.S. Embassy to get your visa.

    • Confirmation of insurance

      Insurance is one of the most important things you'll need to take to the US. Please discuss your options with USIT before booking your policy as we'll need to make sure the cover is sufficient for the duration of your stay in the US. Please note, most insurance policies for the US will only cover emergency treatment and not any ongoing or routine medical treatment. It is your responsibility to read your policy and note if you're found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, any claims may be null and void.

    • Passport

      If you haven’t got a passport, you’ll need one before your embassy interview. If you already have a passport, you need to make sure that it’s valid for your entire trip, including any time you will be in the U.S. after your programme ends. It is best practice to have a passport valid at least 6 months after your programme ends.

  • On the plane

    • Customs Declaration Form 6059B

      Fill this out before you land, and give it to the customs officer. Instructions are printed on the form.

  • In the US

    • Letter to Social Security Officer

      This letter will be provided by CIEE and explains your J-1 Exchange Visitor status to the Social Security officer who will process your Social Security application.

    • Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record Card

      The I-94 number is issued upon entrance to the United States. You may go the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s I-94 website after you have arrived to download and print a copy of your number.