If all you know of Florida is orange juice and Mickey Mouse, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its history, culture and natural beauty. A former Spanish colony, Florida is a diverse mix of southern American culture, African, Hispanic and Native American heritage, and miles of sun-kissed beaches.

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Why Florida?

From the the panhandle down to Miami, Florida has it all. Pursue your once-in-a-lifetime year of USA career training in any of Florida's exciting cities, with Pensacola, Jacksonville and state capital Tallahassee in the north, Orlando and Tampa in Central Florida, and Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Florida Keys at the southern edge of the US. Florida is bursting with job opportunities and memorable experiences to be had by young graduates and students living and working in the US.

Where to Intern

People will always relate Floride to Walt Disney World, so why not use your USIT 12 month visa to add impressive experience in Orlando's hospitality, entertainment and tourism industries to your CV? You'll also find high-tech companies, digital media and aerospace industies here (Orlando is home to the Kennedy Space Center). In Tampa, there are opportunities in finance, telecommunications and sports management. In Miami, think architecture, design and culture. Throughout the state, you'll find thriving agriculture, biomedical and energy sectors. With more than 10 major cities, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to working in America's Sunshine State.

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Where to Live

Florida is a big place. For stunning natural scenery and Southern-style charm, head north and explore the Panhandle and Gulf Coast. Meanwhile, Orlando and Tampa are home to numerous neighbourhoods with different personalities, from quiet suburbia to hip and trendy downtowns. For bright lights and bikinis, not to mention a thriving arts scene, head south to Miami, where Wynwood is an emerging area and South Beach is a celebration of neon glitz. Or head further south and live like Ernest Hemingway in the tropics of the Florida Keys. To find a Florida rental, try regional Craigslist sites (including Orlando, Miami, Key West and Tampa Bay) or online listings like the Orlando Weekly (orlandoweekly.kaango.com) and Miami New Times (miaminewtimes.com/classifieds).

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Northern and central Florida enjoy a humid, sub-tropical climate, while the further south you venture, the more tropical it becomes. Brace yourself for the storms of summer and autumn, though most find Florida's warm climate enjoyable year-round. Gulf Coast Florida can experience extreme weather at times. Orlando, meanwhile, has two seasons: hot and rainy (May to September), dry and pleasantly warm (October to April).

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